My passion for makeup started at the age of 19, after I had my wonderful Son. I was married, a stay at home Mom, overweight and still trying to figure out my new life. During all of these life changes, I decided I needed a new hairstyle. I booked an appointment, ready with my photo to show the stylist. After the hair cut, I was devastated! I had a mullet, yes I am serious! My sister and I called a friend to help fix it, by fixing it she had to cut it shorter to make everything blend. I looked in the mirror and thought, I look like my Dad.  Thankfully, my Sister Rachelle always had a natural talent for hair and makeup. After I calmed down, she offered to do my hair and makeup; providing advice where needed. I loved it!

That experience made me realize makeup could enhance my self-confidence. This also created my obsession with makeup. My Sister and I started doing weddings together for family and friends. The word quickly traveled and soon we had our own client base; several are still my clients today. Over the last 16 years my experience and diversity in the makeup industry has flourished; spending over 3 years freelancing for MAC. Touching every face possible and doing an enormous amount of trade work. This allowed me to build my portfolio, my network and my experience. Always eager to invest time and money in gaining knowledge in my field, taking master makeup classes, and obtaining my esthetician license. It’s never felt like a job, it’s my love and my passion!

For years my experience was gradual and self- taught. I pursued my passion for makeup while working a corporate career with Wells Fargo, which lasted over 13 years. I felt challenged at points but never fulfilled or happy. I refused to give up on my passion, I stayed active by creating a side business; doing weddings on the weekends and occasional photo shoots. The corporate world was never a fit for me. I hit a turning point. I didn’t enjoy getting up in the morning, actually I dreaded it! It started to create anxiety and negativity in my life. I lost passion, love and confidence in myself and the people I worked for.

Today, I am so excited to say that I am now living my dream of being a full time self-employed freelance makeup artist; specializing in: bridal, airbrush and commercial work. I hope we get to work together soon!

Thank you!



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